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Peptides and Aging

Dermis matrix consists of collagen and elastin theses protenacious materials need to be in their
normal, healthy stage to keep skin looking healthy supple and wrinkle free.

Peptides are Amino Acids linked in a chain. They stimulate the skins fibroblast and act as antiglycating agents. They block proteins from attaching to sugars keeping collagen and elastin in their free form. Peptides also reduce the harmful activity that causes scaring and discoloration on the face and under the delicate eye area. These peptides are classified as filling peptides relaxing peptides and repairing peptides. Try our new peptide two in one eye cream with argireline. It is a color corrector for dark circles and has amazing tightening effects.

Skin with Ferulic ACID – March 2, 2016

Skin is the body’s largest organ and one of the most important. In order to achieve optimal skin health, understanding the various skin types and concerns as well as factors that potentially cause the appearance of damage is essential.


MEET FERULIC ACID the next antioxidant to make Abigail impact on your anti aging regimen. Let’s take a quick look  Ferulic Acid is found naturally in seeds of fruits like apples and oranges as well as some vegetables and grains. it fights the free radical damage that contributes to aging it also helps build collagen .Our 20 % Ferulic Acid comes from a cinnamon base that’s help brighten the skin we use Emblic extract that also helps brighten the skin for a added benefit use bright C to help with hypigmentation age spots and sun spots It will improve the skins elasticity clarity and texture.